Raphael Baker is the ultimate serial entrepreneur and polymath, navigating seamlessly through numerous industries including business, insurance, media, lifestyle and politics.

Leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit have always been imbedded in his DNA. In high school, he was student government president and founded and operated a successful school store. After attending Penn State, he created The Raphael Baker Agency, which provides insurance and risk management solutions for individuals and businesses. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he earned the moniker, King of Insurance. To further deepen his industry knowledge and leadership skills, he attended the American College of Financial Services, and earned his Chartered Leadership Fellow® designation.

The mogul then founded Raphael Baker and Associates, which has a track record of transforming stagnant businesses into profitable money-makers. He has a keen ability to identify pros and cons and to develop solid strategies. This enables him to empower other entrepreneurs to drop dead weight, become more efficient, and experience success.

Raphael Baker co-founded and was the Editor-in-Chief of the highly successful Rags N Riches Magazine. He then expanded his media empire and became the author of “Above The Fold”, a motivational book which encourages readers to live their lives on their own terms. He has also released his second literary gem, "#Raphaelisms: Quotes, Rants & Other Sh!t That Belongs On A T-Shirt", a bold, unfiltered collection of sayings from the award-winning entrepreneur and social critic.

He is also the business partner and Director of Business Affairs for Diaz Allen, a prominent lifestyle brand. He has also launched his own home fragrance collection and apparel and accessories line under the House of Raphael brand.

He dove into the political arena in 2018. During election season, he served as the Campaign Chair for a statewide campaign in Georgia, and was responsible for developing strategy, fundraising and surrogacy. As a surrogate, he masterfully delivered the campaign’s message before large crowds. 

On January 27, 2022, Raphael Baker officially launched his campaign to become Georgia's Insurance Commissioner. His culmination of almost 2 decades in the industry and his passion for people and reform made him the ideal candidate for this position. He truly is "the Change that Georgia Deserves". He was the only candidate in the race who hadn't run for office before and/or never held an elected position. However, with over 220,000 votes, he forced the primary election into a runoff. For more information about this historic campaign, please visit http://raphaelbakerforgeorgia.com.

Raphael is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and appearances. For media inquiries, please contact PR@raphaelbakerforgeorgia.com.